Sunday, November 20, 2011

We all gotta start somewhere.

Well, let's hope this ain't one of those millions of blogs that disappear into the ether after a first "well this is our intention" post.

Basically, to lay it all out for you rad kids, I'm a dude from Sydney who loves motorcycles, and whiskey, and now I'm living in the goddamn future AKA. Tokyo. I figure this is as good an opportunity as any other to clue other gaigokujin in to what I've learnt- because, fuck it, any learning is good learning, even if it's horrendously wrong.

It's my intention to bring some light into the "real" Japan, further from what you may imagine from watching Blade Runner and reading I guess it's a point that the people who live here are like any others, so imagining you're coming over to people who act like your cartoons, or spend all day visiting maid cafes is gunna leave you a little disappointed. Also, showcase shit i'm interested in, that's gunna be a thing too, i guess.

I guess, keep an eye on this space, and hopefully i follow through on this thing.